Dance Styles
Dance Domain is a Latin American and Ballroom dance studio.
We specialize in 22 diferent dance styles.

Here are some of our dance styles that's available:
Hip-Hop Dance
We offer Hi-Hop dance classes for beginners and intermediate.

Dance Sport / Dance Competition
We have many dance competitions throughout the year. These competitions bring students together from many different Dance Domain Dance Studios to compete, at their level, in their age group, in dances of their choice.
Ballroom Dances
  •     Foxtrot
  •     Waltz
  •     Tango
  •     Quickstep
  •     Viennese Waltz

Latin Dances
  •     Cha cha
  •     Samba
  •     Rumba
  •     Jive
  •     Paso doble
  •     Mambo
  •     Bolero
Social Dances
  •     Two Step
  •     Loopdans
  •     Salsa
  •     Jazz
  •     West Coast Swing
  •     Swing
  •     Bop
  •     Line Dancing
  •     Merengue

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